We understand that your time is valuable. Our experienced team of certified arborists will get you the reports and services that you need, guaranteed.


We know the trees, bylaws, and best practices, so you don’t have to.


We specialize in creating Arborist Reports so they come out more detailed and faster than you expect.


We’ve worked with dozens of municipalities across Ontario and countless architects.


Get what you need, faster.

Your certified arborist work ensures that you get high quality work completed exactly when you expect it. For your construction project, start by emailing us the site plans and we’ll tell you what you will be facing in terms of permits, arborist report detail, tree protection plans, and exactly when you’ll be ready to complete your application if one is required.


Transparent pricing is always emailed in an official quote for your convenience.

Free Consultations

  • Same-Day Free Consultation
  • Any Tree or Permit Questions
  • Assistance From a Certified Arborist
  • Learn What’s Required
Removal Reports

  • Same-Day Free Consultation
  • Up to 3 Trees
  • Includes Replanting Plan, Support for Removal, etc.
  • Fulfills All city Requirements
Construction Reports

  • Same-Day Free Consultation
  • Any Tree or Permit Questions
  • Includes Tree Protection Plan, Replanting Plan, etc
  • Fulfills All city Requirements

Les T.Construction Arborist Report

Michael L.Construction Arborist Report


Do you need more than an arborist report?


Arborist Site Inspections

A visit by a certified arborist, to review existing tree protections or provide tree care recommendations. Best if you already have a project in mind but don’t have plans or are already underway and want to keep forestry satisfied.


Tree Protection Fences

Not sure how to put up the fences? Let the pros handle it. We know the specifications for each municipality and are able to sign off on protection being put up as per specifications for your city. Contact us for a quote!


Tree Health Examinations

Is your tree not looking good? We can tell you why and how to fix it if possible. Get a certified arborist to visit your property to give you specific and knowledgeable recommendations. We have no reason to push you into services you don’t actually need so you can rely on us.

Root Pruning and Excavation

Inspecting and preemptively pruning roots before you dig with excavation equipment can save you a headache and a huge amount of time. Keep your tree healthy and keep away from fines from the city. We’ll maximize the chances of the tree getting through the construction.


Do I need a permit?

This depends on how large the tree is, what city, region, and the tree’s location on the property. Generally if the tree trunk is over 30cm diameter and located in Toronto or its surrounding municipalities the tree is protected by bylaws. As such, it will likely require a permit to have work done.

Best way to know for sure is to ask us.

How do tree removal reports work?

Send in a request for information or a report, and we will contact you to confirm the details. Then we send out a certified arborist to inspect the tree(s).

The report will be delivered to you by email within 2 days of your go-ahead. Simply attach the report to the tree removal application form and you are ready to get a permit!

How do construction arborist reports happen?

Send in your site plan and we’ll give you an official quote and a timeline for completing the project. After your go-ahead we visit the property and do the write-up. We’ll take care of both published and unpublished city requirements in the report. You simply attach the report we provide you to the application and you are set.

We know how to give them what they want so you get your permit approvals, fast. You’ll know before the city reviews it what you can expect.

Can you help apply for the permit?

We definitely can help out. In most cases it is as simple as filling out information about the property owner and staple it to a printout of our report.

If you have any questions about the process, you can always give us a shout.

How do I pay you?

You’re not charged anything until the report arrives in your inbox. Since our foundation we thought it would be unfair to charge for work that’s not yet completed. A part of our confidence guarantee.

We accept Cheques, Credit Cards, Cash, Paypal, Money Orders, E-Money Transfers, Bitcoin…

Do you cut down my tree?

No, we do not do removals or branch pruning. To stay impartial and provide the best possible services, we stay focused on what we do best. We don’t have an agenda or a reason to talk you into work you don’t need doing. This leaves us more time to keep up with changes in bylaws instead of being up in a tree.

We can give you some recommendations on some trustworthy companies that do removals and pruning, however. No referral fees for us, so no need to tell them we sent you.


If you still have unanswered questions, we can answer them.